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California Art Club Painting Retreat at Limantour Beach

Limantour Artists 2009
Limantour Artists 2009

Friday Oct. 30, 2009 finally arrived and the California Art Club Limantour Painting Retreat had begun. Fourty artists gathering at the Pt. Reyes Hostel for two nights and three days of painting, eating, conversation and fun. After four months of preparation, people drove up from San Diego, L.A., San Luis Obispo and from all around the San Francisco Bay area.

Three days prior to the weekend all the weather channels were predicting showers, but it turned out to be spectacular fall weather with totally sunny skies during the days and a small amount of shore fog in the mornings. It was absolutely glorious each day.

After a day of painting on Friday, Christin and I checked in and gathered for a pot-luck dinner with the others. Everyone provided an enormous amount of food. We drank (moderately) and engaged in group conversations with stories, laughter and good cheer. It was great to meet some new people and learn more about the lives of other serious artists. Turning in for the night proved to be a bit of a challenge with the women in two dorm rooms with 5 bunk beds each and the men in an out building dorm also with two rooms and 5 bunk beds. Naturally, everyone wanted a lower bunk, but it all seemed to work out. In the morning I heard some horror stories of loud snoring in one of the womens dorms, but not a big problem in the men's area.

Saturday morning began with a Bagel, Salmon and cream cheese breakfast before heading out. We all stood around the kitchen area toasting bagels, making coffee and sharing areas to paint for the day. Some went to Pierce Point Ranch, some to Drake's beach, some to Tomales Bay and we all scattered and followed our instincts. Returning home later, we again shared a Barbeque dinner with more good cheer and stories. Another beautiful day in paradise. After dinner, about 15 of us took a 3 mile Halloween night MoonWalk out to the beach without need of any flashlights. Saw a low flying owl, a glistening ocean and glowing trees with eerie shadows that could be hiding all sorts of night creatures. 

Sunday morning we ate breakfast and then we all set out our paintings on the outdoor picnic tables so we could experience the various styles and techniques. It brought us closer once again to see each others work. Sennelier Artist Oils graciously provided two sets of Oil Paints for the winners of the random drawing. We checked out at 10am and said our goodbyes. Local artists scattered about and painted on Sunday too.

I don't know how everyone felt about the paintings they produced over the weekend, but I do know that such events hold a special place in each of our heats and will be a memory that lasts in our history as artists. We'll surely plan another one again soon.

Note: This event came about as a result of the combined efforts to bring more CAC events to the Northern part of our state. Our local chapter, headed up by Michelle Jader and Kay Young has been working closely with the CAC Executive Director Elain Adams, Managing Director Lisa Cavelier along with a chapter volunteer steering committee. I was very happy to have administered this event on their behalf.  If you're not already a CAC member, you too can join...

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9 Responses to California Art Club Painting Retreat at Limantour Beach

Krystal Allen
Even though I did not spend the night, this was a really fun event for me. I got to meet some new people and visit with some folks from the club who are quickly becoming dear friends. You can bet I'll spend the night next time even though I live only minutes away. Sign me up for next year! I'll BBQ some local oysters.

robert becker
Richard, nice write up of this event. Sounds like lots of fun with a great group of people. Hopefully I can do it next time.


Michele de Braganca
Thanks so much again for everything you did for us to make this a stellar weekend! A memorable one to be sure! Nice writeup. Great pics! You're the best!

Karla Bartholomew
Richard and Christin:
You guys are the BEST! What a memorable weekend. What wonderful people! and a great learning experience for me. Got to paint alongside some of the great plein air artists.

Lizz Tucker
I can imagine how much work this was, but it was so wondrful....Will you please, PLEASE, schedule another one? And with the same perfect weather? It was pretty idyllic.

Bill Cone
It was a wonderful weekend. You couldn't beat the weather, and it was fun to meet so many other artists. The hostel was a great place to stay. Thanks to you and Christin for helping put this together. I sense an annual event in the making.

Marge Heilman
Just talked to Debbie Holland-Olson who was in the group. Congratulations on a fantastic acheivement with great success! It definitely beats "fighting the fight" alone and as every effort to capture nature in the raw is a bit like going through a war, comrades in arms we are when we take our canvases and go for the hunt! Thank you for sharing this experience and lighting a fire under me to "go for it yet another time"!
Marge Heilman

Fabrizio Van Marciano
Great post, I guess you have to have the weather for those kind of ventures and if you live in a place where it constantly rains then there's no chance lol, thanks for sharing tho.

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